M-Sport specifies the Lazer Boomer Single on the R5

Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology offers almost double the efficiency of the previous leading technology (High Intensity Discharge – HID), but when M-Sport first trialled the Lazer lights, it became clear that performance wasn’t in question, the issue became one of regulation. It took until July 2013 for the FIA to confirm, through their Rally Working Group that all “E-marked" headlamps are allowable for closed road rallying, regardless of their technology.

So, how can a light with 8 or more light sources count as a single headlamp?
All E-marked lamps are only allowed a single source of light, but in the case of LED lights the light source is considered to be the “LED module", which may contain as many individual LEDs as required to achieve the beam pattern required to meet the regulations. This is the only way in which this green technology has been able to get a foothold in to passenger vehicle headlights, where vehicles like the Audi R-8 use as many as 10 LEDs just to create the beam pattern for a low beam. Efficient yes, but you need a lot of individual LEDs (approved together as a single LED Module) to have HID beating performance.

So, what’s to stop a manufacturer fitting 100 high power LEDs in to a single unit, and calling it a single light?
Well, here’s where the E-marking comes in. The ECE regulations have a limit on peak intensity of 240 lux at 25 metres, so regardless of how many LEDs are used in the product, the product is restricted by this maximum. The existing regulations for closed road rallies are applicable without change or modification in respect of this new technology. The limit remains the same, a maximum of 6 headlamps to be fitted to the vehicle, and if the product uses LED, it must be E-marked.

The other benefits which M-Sport has reported are relating to weight and aerodynamics. Conventional pods can disrupt the airflow over the front of the vehicle, with low pressure behind the pod leading to uplift on the front of the vehicle at speed. The Lazer BOOMER DOUBLE and BOOMER SINGLE (patent pending) use the lamps as structural elements of the system. This allows the lamps to be fixed at their ends only, with air flowing both over and under the lamps, thereby eliminating the low pressure concerns. The weight of the BOOMER DOUBLE matches that of a professional HID setup, but you end up with twice the light on the road from the Lazer solution. M-Sport have also been able to do with two LED lamps what they were previously doing with four HIDs, so the weight saving is around 50% for the system compared to a four lamp HID setup. Here at Lazer we would stress that where the customer wants to achieve the same range with the LED solution as had been achieved with pencil HIDs, a 4 x ST-8 lamp system should be adopted. That will give the driver the same range, but vastly more light in the near to mid range.

M-Sport also adopted two Lazer ST-4 lights in the lower bumper for cornering. Due to the conical beam pattern, these lamps were able to be mounted vertically, once again improving airflow.

Innovation, Technology & Performance
Lazer products have been designed with a variety of innovations to ensure product robustness and to simplify integration to vehicle systems.

Key features
  • Multi-function attachment points allow mounting from above, below, side.
  • Voltage range 9V – 36V.
  • Highly efficient Dual-Optic system with vacuum metalized reflectors.
  • Gore-tex membrane manages pressure equalization and seal integrity.

Electronics functionality
  • USP: Lamp combines Driving beam, Daytime Running Light (DRL) and Position light in one package.
  • DRL activates when voltage is detected on ignition circuit.
  • DRL dims to become position light when vehicle lights are switched on.
  • Electronic thermal management.

Mounting systems
The different mounting systems offered by Lazer give true flexibility for integrating your light in to your vehicle.
  Centre Mount (below) 
Side Mount 
Centre Mount (above)  Stacking

Centre mounts, which allow fixing from below and above, are included as standard with all lights. Side brackets and the stacking link piece can be purchased separately from your dealer.

QUICK-FIT Electronics

....... From 2012 all newly homologated vehicles in Europe will be required to have Daytime Running Lights. The RS-Range incorporates Daytime Running Lights, which also dim to become Position/Side lights when the vehicle lights are switched on. Simply connect the lamp to the vehicle battery with a relay off the ignition circuit, the DRL activates when the ignition is switched on. When the lamp detects voltage on the position/side light circuit (i.e. when the driver switches on the vehicle lights), the DRL dims to become an ECE approved “position light”. When the lamp sees voltage on the Driving light circuit (i.e. driver switches to main beam), the high power LEDs are instantly activated to pour light on to the road ahead in addition to the Position/side lights which remain switched on.

Component Technology
Lazer products use some of the most sophisticated LED components on the market today. The LEDs used in our products typically have an optical efficiency of around 100 lumens/Watt (compared to a typical 55W halogen bulb which has an efficiency of around 12 Lumens/Watt). Lazer products use integrated thermal management hardware to ensure that the LEDs remain cool regardless of the environment & conditions of use. 

Management of the LED drive current and thermal state is fundamental to delivering maximum light output for the end user. The electronic thermal management used in our products ensures that the maximum possible light is coming from the LEDs without any risk of damage or deterioration. The Aluminium body used across the Lazer range has been developed to ensure maximum dissipation of heat from the LEDs so that peak power light output can be achieved whether you’re trucking through Northern Scandinavia or off-roading through the sand dunes of Saudi Arabia.

With LEDs currently achieving around 100 lumens/Watt compared to a halogen bulb of around 12-14 lumens/Watt, there can already be a big reduction in power consumed by the lighting system for an equivalent luminous flux output. This translates directly to CO2 reduction & more power to the wheels.

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