Within the last years H&R Spezialfedern has developed into one of the leading brands in national and international motorsport. From the FIA-World Rally Championship, Formula 1, GP2, the DTM, German Rally Championship, Formula 3 and other well known Championships and Endurance Races, racing cars equipped with H&R have won all over the world. Because of this, H&R has become synonymous with victory in the motorsport business. Many famous teams in the worldwide motorsport business count on the know how of the H&R suspension specialists and engineers from Germany‘s Sauerland.

As not every team can afford to design and fit expensive special applications, H&R engineers have designed a range of standard motorsport race springs for the dedicated private. H&R offers a large quantity of linear high performance race springs HRF, which are available in different lengths and spring rates. The high tensile spring steel, which is of the same specification as, for example, those used in the DTM or World Rally Championship, guarantees a minimum weight at maximum spring travel.

Main springs: Are made of extremely solid spring steel. This leads to a reduction of weight and more travel for a given spring rate than competitive springs made of usual spring steel. The main spring has a linear characteristic and settles the main characteristic as well as the progression of the end spring rate. By choosing suitable bump stops the block setting of the main spring must be avoided in use.

Helper springs: Made of a special trapezoid material which resists long lasting solid stress can also be used. They can either increase the rebound travel or the response of the spring system, depending on whether the helper springs are already closed and have more travel, or if they can still influence the rate of the chosen main spring. To harmonize the intersection of the main and helper spring there are also four different kinds of progressive helper springs on stock. Added to this, there are also many accessories available like spring plates, setting nuts, counter nuts and bump stops.

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